Centerplate Agreement Reached

January 7, 2010

To:   All Centerplate Employees

Much effort has gone into ensuring that the Olympic Games will offer the greatest benefit and experience for Centerplate employees who wish to participate in them. Both BCGEU and Centerplate, following meetings with VANOC, have agreed to specific conditions and considerations respecting work opportunities at BC Place during the 2010 Winter Olympics. We have endeavoured to ensure that VANOC's requirements are met in a way which provides Centerplate employees with a rewarding and memorable 2010 Winter Games experience. Any questions respecting these requirements should be referred to Centerplate Human Resources and/or your Union.

BCGEU and the employer both encourage some of you to participate in the Olympic experience. The information contained in this bulletin set out the workplace guidelines during the period in which VANOC has assumed control at BC Place Stadium, including the Games Time Period. Since you have taken this opportunity and signed up for Olympic and Paralympic work, this Bulletin will assist in explaining what you can expect from your Olympic experience and what will be expected of you.

Requirements for Participation in the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games

As a result of the consultations between Centerplate and the BCGEU, we have established a set of workforce guidelines that are consistent for staff across BC Place and are generally consistent with the guidelines being used for volunteers.

The guidelines were developed to support the preparation phase, games time scheduling and accreditation (security clearance) requirements with consideration for health and safety and creating a positive experience for the workforce. In order to be eligible to work during the Games Time Period, existing staff must commit to these mandatory requirements as outlined below.

Your Collective Agreement will apply in full force and effect throughout the Preparation Phase and the Olympic and Paralympic period, except as temporarily amended by agreement of Centerplate and the BCGEU to comply with VANOC's guidelines.
Guidelines for Centerplate Employees

1) Shift Commitment & Scheduling
Employees will be required to be available for certain times during VANOC's control of the Stadium (after Nov. 1, 2009) and the 21-day Olympic Games Time Period (February 5 to 28, 2010). In addition, Employees will also be required to be available during the preparation phase as well as for two rehearsal events prior to the Olympic opening ceremonies (exact dates of rehearsals to be advised, potentially Feb. 5th, 8th, 10th).

The Opening Ceremony rehearsal events will be mandatory for all staff committing to work the Olympic games if scheduled.

The Opening Ceremony event on February 12th will be mandatory for all staff committing to work the Olympic games if scheduled.

Staff will be scheduled for additional shifts during the remainder of the Olympic Games Time Period (Feb. 12th - 28th).

There will be shifts available for the Paralympic Games Time on March 12, 2010. Only Employees who have committed to the Olympic period will be eligible to work during the Paralympic period. You will be notified if you are scheduled.

All employees working during the Games will be scheduled centrally by Centerplate in a manner consistent with the Collective Agreement.

2) Security & Accreditation
Employees will be required to undergo an RCMP security screening to enable them to be accredited and therefore able to access the venue and work. Accreditation refers specifically to the RCMP background check.

3) Training
Employees must participate in training. Games training will be mandatory. You will be paid for any training you are scheduled for.

4) Direction of Work
Centerplate employees will take direction from Centerplate staff. Any issues related to employee performance will be addressed only through Centerplate Human Resources staff. Centerplate employees working as Stand Leader, Banquet Captain, Sous Chef and Cook I and II may be required to supervise volunteers, including but not limited to Burnaby North Secondary School students.

5) Shift Commitment and Scheduling
Employees in all classifications covered by the Parties' Collective Agreement will be scheduled according to seniority. Thus, all qualified employees will be provided the opportunity to be scheduled on shifts in accordance with the current scheduling practice.

6) Confidentiality
Employees who commit to working during the Olympics and Paralympics will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. All information received about the Olympics and any observations made shall remain in strict confidence.

7) General Conditions
Employees will wear the uniform provided while on shift. Uniforms will be supplied to Employees at no cost.

Employees may be required to perform roles as determined by Centerplate.

Employees working during the Games may be required to rotate through different assignments/areas within the function they have been assigned to.

Employees will be provided with a meal each shift per current practice.

8) New Employees
Centerplate intends to recruit and hire new employees to maintain appropriate staffing levels throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games and associated events, both leading up to and following those Games.

Centerplate confirms that all new bargaining unit employees will become members of the Union prior to them commencing work and being placed on any schedule to work.

Those employees hired and who pass the accreditation process are eligible to participate in the Olympics and Paralympics and associated events.

Centerplate and the Union have agreed to utilize students from North Burnaby Secondary School during the Games Time Period as Concessions volunteers. It is expressly agreed that these students shall only be scheduled to work after all employees have been first given the opportunity to work. Only after all employees have been given the opportunity and have been scheduled to work as Concession workers or in any current classification set forth in the Parties' Collective Agreement will students from North Burnaby Secondary School be scheduled.


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