What do you get for your membership dues?

BCGEU members get a comprehensive range of services and programs.

Few unions can match the range of services the BCGEU offers. These include:

• professional staff to deal with grievances and problems in the workplace
• skilled negotiators to bargain contracts
• dedicated researchers and health & safety officers
• specialists in communications and campaigns to win public support for your issues
• pension and retirement planning
• a comprehensive education program to help members develop skills to become union leaders.

The union also has a healthy strike fund to support members who need to take action to achieve a fair collective agreement.

In return for a wide range of services, BCGEU members pay dues to the union. We have a fair dues system that's based on a percentage of your earnings. The rate is 1.85 per cent. Dues can only be changed by delegates at BCGEU triennial conventions.

Members can also take advantage of discount programs with various businesses

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