The world around us

BCGEU is working to make life better for all working people.

BCGEU is a socially-conscious union. We work in communities across B.C. and globally to make the world a better place for working people.

Closer to home, we deal with issues affecting working people and their families, the poor and disadvantaged, Aboriginal people, youth and many other groups.

We work in coalitions to promote environmental protections and confront global warming.

We're active in a campaign to win a much-needed national child-care system in Canada. And together with other groups, we promote a better public health care system in the face of right-wing pressures to privatize.

Globalization has made the world a much smaller place. How workers are treated by a company or government in one country has an impact on how workers fare in Canada.

Immigration, too, has changed the face of BCGEU – we represent members from a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

For these reasons, it's a priority for BCGEU to address international issues as well. We've made links with workers' groups in a host of countries including Nicaragua, Cuba, the Philippines and elsewhere to share experiences and build new skills. The union has also created an international solidarity fund to advance our efforts.

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