Have a problem at work?

Here's where you can turn to get your problem at work solved.

In addition to bargaining good contracts, another important role unions play is to help workers solve problems in the workplace. That's where your shop steward, or workplace leader, comes into play.

Your contract spells our pay rates, benefit programs, hours of work, scheduling, overtime, job security, vacation and a host of other important provisions that make up your working conditions.

The collective agreement also gives you the power to enforce your rights. If you ever feel that your employer is not following your contract, BCGEU is here to help – and that's where your shop steward comes in.

The BCGEU has just under 3,000 stewards who serve as volunteer workplace leaders. They help you with any questions you have about your contract and if there's a problem, they'll work to resolve it. If that's not possible, they'll help you file a grievance.

In addition to your steward, BCGEU has trained professional staff working on your behalf to solve your problem through the grievance process set out in your contract.

In many cases, your shop steward will have already introduced themselves.

If that's not the case, please contact BCGEU Direct at 1-888-991-6062. 

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