Mainroad Contracting (Service Area 6) - Last Collective Agreement Settlement

July 8, 2014

To: Mainroad Lower Mainland Contracting LP (Service Area 06)
Re: Last Collective Agreement Settlement

The May 9/14 Component 10 bulletin did not differentiate the SA 06 local settlement from other service area local settlements.  Our apologies for that miscommunication.  The difference is because the SA 06 collective agreement does not run on the same years as other settlements under the Provincial Highways Settlement.

Questions have arisen about the wage settlement under the Provincial Highways Settlement Agreement.  Specifically, members in SA 06 believe that they should be receiving a COLA increase this year.  That is not correct.  There is no general wage increase for SA 06 this year. 

Here is why:

The Provincial Settlement began with 3 years with no increase for all service areas, and provided a $1200 bonus payment in the third year for all service areas.  This is followed by 5 years of cost of living adjustments.  For most service areas, the three years began in 2011.

SA06 does not receive an increase this year because:

• In 2011, SA 06 received a 3% increase (other service areas received no increase in 2011).
• SA 06 began its three years of no increase in 2012 (one year later than others).
• SA 06 received the $1200 bonus payment in 2014 (others in 2013).
• The last COLA year for SA 06 is 2019 (others end in 2018).

This information was in the Ratification Document that was approved by the SA 06 committee and ratified by the membership.

Please use the links below to review both the Provincial Settlement and the SA 06 Ratification document.

Please direct any questions to .

In Solidarity,

Frank Greenlay
Staff Representative – Negotiations