Important info for Forest Professionals - re: ABCFP registration

February 14, 2006

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Any BCGEU member having difficulty with the Association of British Columbia Forest Professionals (ABCFP) over their Registered Forest Technologist (RFT) registration should contact their steward.

The union has learned that some "qualified" members have been given letters stating that they must write part "B" of the qualifying exam.

Larry Martin, who chairs the Component 20 RFT committee, said due to the number of applications processed by ABCFP in a short period of time, errors have been made.

ABCFP has responded favourably to requests for review of additional information.Stewards are asked to contact Larry Martin (chair of the Component 20 RFT committee) with information about any members experiencing difficulty with their registration. He can be contacted by email at:

As we advised members in previous bulletins, discussions with the ABCFP regarding the legislative amendment in the Foresters Act affecting the registration requirements for people practicing professional forestry, resulted in grandparenting provisions being broadened as much as possible to ensure that technicians without the necessary post-secondary education could obtain the designation.

The final determination of which employees are required to obtain the RFT designation rests with the Association of British Columbia Forest Professionals (ABCFP).

However, the ministry determines how the organization can meet the requirements of the ABCFP through defining job function, supervisory structure and mandatory job requirements.