IRL Seeks to Eliminate Workers

January 20, 2006

Lawyers for Interior Road Limited have made an application to the Labour Relations Board seeking to have the rights of the BCGEU to represent the bargaining unit members in Service Area 20 cancelled.

The cancellation of the certification would effectively cancel the collective agreement and the rights contained within it including seniority, employment security, pension, health and welfare benefits and current wage rates which are now guaranteed through your collective agreement.

This unprecedented action by Interior Roads Limited is in direct response to the BCGEU membership decision to support the bid being developed by Robson Highways Services for Service Area 20. Robson Highways Services is an independent company that will include worker and union representation on its Board, together with external expertise.

Interior Roads Limited actions have put your job, your terms and conditions of employment - which support your families - at risk.

Rest assured that the BCGEU will fight this in every way possible, and we are fully confident that this desperate act by Interior Roads will be rejected by the Labour Relations Board.

Mike Nuyens

Operational Services Component


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