Gateway Casinos Collective Bargaining

March 23, 2009

Re: Collective Bargaining

Your Union Committee met with your Employer for a couple more days of collective bargaining during this last week, and progress continued on a number of key areas.

We have been able to find agreement on most of the non-monetary items that have been presented to date. In fact, much of the time over recent days with the Employer focused on issues surrounding seniority, layoff and recall, scheduling and casual employee call-in procedures. We have a ways to go on some of these items, but progress is continuing with each meeting.

We have also scheduled six more days with the Employer: March 31, April 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9.

We remain optimistic that we will be able to reach a tentative agreement at the bargaining table and will continue our best efforts toward that goal.

As we have mentioned before and we mention again, only in that we appreciate the members desire to know exactly what we are talking to the Employer about, we are not in a position to discuss any specifics from the bargaining table as we are obligated to ensure our efforts are trusted by all sides in the bargaining process. We will continue to update the membership using this format as we work toward getting all of you the best possible Agreement.

In solidarity
On behalf of your Bargaining Committee

Craig Proctor                  Mack Polgrabia
Chuck Coutts                  Jason Merk
Brent Cassidy                 Malina Merritt
Corey Albino                  Leon Tapia
Pinky Bining                   Eileen Ramirez
Shavon Mohr                  Vedran Vulinovic-Zlatan
Mike Orders, Staff Representative - Negotiations

cc: Dave MacDonald, Component 17 Chair
     Nic Kirby, Staff Representative, LMAO

     Nancy Gillis, Coordinator (Staff responsible for C17)


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