Dates set with Emcon to commence bargaining

January 25, 2007

Our journey to securing bargaining dates has taken a turn for the better and we are now scheduled to bargain with Emcon SA 9.

Emcon offered a set of dates in mid February, unfortunately our negotiator is bargaining with another Employer that week.  The positive news is we have secured the next closest available dates:   March 12 – 14.

We will continue to seek further dates as necessary and will keep you informed following our bargaining session.  In the meantime, keep informed by watching for FYI's, News on Bargaining Alerts and talk to your Bargaining Committee Members. 

Keep thinking for yourself and don't buy into the rumour mill. 

In solidarity  

Mike Prystae, Bargaining Committee Chairperson

Wade Wheaton, Bargaining Committee Member

Fred Planidin, Bargaining Committee Member

Gary Bennett, Staff Representative

For pdf of bargaining bulletin click here.