Component 6 - Transition Update: Community Living BC

January 27, 2009

ALERT - January 27, 2009

To all Component 6 members in Community Living BC and Ministry for Children and Family Development


In June 2008, the government announced that responsibility for services for children and youth with special needs, currently provided by CLBC, will move to the Ministry of Children and Family Development. The government is transferring responsibility for CLBC to the new Ministry of Housing and Social Development, where the agency will continue to deliver services for adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

Managers in the two ministries and CLBC have been preparing a transition plan. The BCGEU was recently briefed on the status of the plan. We are writing to update you on what is known at this point.

CLBC and MCFD are proceeding with the development of a transition plan with a target of completing regional plans by the end of January. A total of 164 field positions are slated for transfer from CLBC.

Until these regional plans are completed, planning around the transfer of staff is difficult. The BCGEU anticipates a process similar to that which was agreed to when community living services were moved from the public service to CLBC. In general:

Transfers will be voluntary, offered through an expression of interest basis (in order of seniority, assuming qualifications to perform the work available). CLBC staff who were previously MCFD delegated staff will be ‚Äėgrandparented' in as qualified.

All benefits, seniority and time banks will be transferred with employees. Generally, the work will continue to be handled from the same geographic locations. Any resulting vacancies will be filled through posting. The target for completion of the transfer process is October 31, 2009.

All of the parties have indicated they wish to work in a cooperative fashion to facilitate an orderly transfer. We appreciate the anxiety this process has created for our members at CLBC. The BCGEU will continue to represent and address member concerns as we work through what has become a drawn-out restructuring process under changing timelines.

We will continue to update you as events unfold.

In solidarity,
Doug Kinna, Social Information and Health Component Chairperson
BCGEU Component 6
Michael Eso Staff Representative, BCGEU

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