Community health bargaining talks commence this week

December 15, 2009

The Community Bargaining Association, including your BCGEU bargaining committee, will be at the bargaining table with the Health Employers' Association of B.C. (HEABC) from Monday, December 14 through to Friday December 18.

"This represents a positive start to this round of bargaining," says BCGEU president Darryl Walker.

"We look forward to productive discussion in the goal of reaching a good deal that works for Community Health workers and their employers."

"There are significant challenges for all health care workers bargaining in this economic climate," says component four chair Brenda Brown.

"But we are well prepared for all possible outcomes."

"Some of the priorities that members in Community Health have outlined are a point-of-sale drug card, changes to scheduling, and improvements to bullying and harassment language," says BCGEU Community Health bargaining committee chair Carla Dempsey.

"We'll be bringing those - and other key improvements to the contract that members have asked for - to the table."

We will keep you updated as talks progress. Bargaining alerts will go out primarily by email and on Major alerts will be mailed to all members of the bargaining unit.