BCIT - Instructors bargaining update and meeting notice

March 19, 2012

We reported in January that your committee had met with the Employer with the assistance of a mediator appointed by the Labour Relations Board.

In mediation, many outstanding bargaining proposals were dropped from the table in an attempt to build a short settlement package.  Our package was not accepted by the Employer.  The Employer countered with a package that included a "mining" of the Collective Agreement that your committee found distasteful.  It was not possible to close this round of bargaining on the terms facing the committee.

In the face of never-ending bargaining, your committee weighed up all options and decided to meet with the membership prior to a return to negotiations.  Your committee wants membership input into what the next steps in bargaining should be and has arranged a bargaining unit meeting.

You will receive a ballot at the meeting giving you a voice to provide input to your committee.

The ballots will say:

  1. Return to the table for a four-year agreement with the current committee (money on the table in the last two years) CHECK BOX HERE
  2. Return to the table to close off the current net-zero bargaining and start a new round of bargaining with a newly elected committee. CHECK BOX HERE

BCIT Instructors Bargaining Unit Membership Meeting:
     April 4, 2012
  BCGEU Headquarters Building (4911 Canada Way, Burnaby)
   TKEC "A"
     4 PM

Please attend.  It is very important that you make your voice heard.  (Please RSVP if you are attending so we can order an appropriate amount of food)

In Solidarity,
Cory Langford, Bargaining Committee Chair
Bill Watkins, Bargaining Committee Member
Chi Wong, Bargaining Committee Member
Clarence Burlock, Bargaining Committee Member
Frank Greenlay, Staff Representative, Negotiations

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