BCGEU Young Workers meet for conference in Richmond

October 4, 2013

Young workers from the BC Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU) are meeting today and tomorrow in Richmond for an annual conference.

BCGEU Vice President Paul Finch says that this conference is a unique opportunity to bring together key and emerging youth leadership in the BCGEU from across the province, from a variety of professions, to debate the emerging issues not just within the union and the labour movement, but across society as a whole.

The theme of the conference is centered around global austerity and features a wide range of speakers from international and local non-profits, the labour movement and the student movement.

“Provincial and Federal austerity measures present a very real threat to our economy. They are targeted to lower the standard of living for unionized and non-unionized workers alike,” says Finch.

“As a union we are committed not only to challenging these measures but presenting real alternatives – not just in terms of economic vision, but also in how we operate: democratically and collectively.”

The conference includes approximately 70 participants and will take place at the Radisson Hotel in Richmond from 8 am Friday morning to 4:30 pm Saturday afternoon.