Argo Road Maintenance employee Rob Mallam begins long journey to recovery

August 9, 2006

On July 19, Rob Mallam was seriously injured while performing his duties as a grader operator in the Kelowna region. He was hospitalized at Kelowna General Hospital but was quickly transferred to the trauma ward at the Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) due to the complexities of his injuries.

After three weeks of intense treatment and some complications, Rob and Judi Mallam had their best day Aug. 8, when BCGEU director Jeff Fox visited. Rob was upbeat and says that he is fully committed to making a strong recovery.

Rob has set two goals – the first being to get back to Kelowna as soon as possible, to be close to family and friends. Rob has also set a goal for a strong recovery, so that he can walk back into the yard one day and report again for work.

But the road to recovery will be long and difficult. Rob and Judi know that to achieve this goal will take time, hard work and the support of family and friends. After visiting Rob at VGH, Fox reports that he shares Rob’s confidence and can see Rob and Judi’s determination to succeed.

Your support can also make a difference.

Rob would love to hear from his co-workers, so you are encouraged to send Rob and Judi your best wishes for a strong recovery by sending a short email to Rob at <i></i> or by phoning Karon Hardy in BCGEU’s Kelowna area office.  Hardy can be reached at 250-763-6405, or 1-800-667-1132.

Your message of support will be delivered by the Union to Rob and Judi who expect to be at VGH until approximately mid-September.

Rob closed off our visit today by asking that everyone remember each and every day to think safety, work safely and go home safely to your families. Rob and Judi also wanted to thank those who have already sent their best wishes. Lets keep them coming!

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