Argo Road Maintenance Service Area 13 Bargaining Update

November 30, 2006

 All BCGEU members at Argo Road Maintenance - Service Area 13

During November your Bargaining Committee has met twice to develop proposals for bargaining. A substantial amount of time was spent reviewing the many proposals sent in.

Your Bargaining Committee met with the Employer on November 16 to discuss a bargaining protocol and determine bargaining dates etc.

Although we would have preferred earlier meeting dates, this was not possible due to scheduling conflicts.

The good news is we have secured the dates of January 8th to 11th for bargaining to commence with your Employer.

In the mean time your patience is appreciated.

In solidarity

Mike Bircsak, Chairperson
Gary Cooper, Bargaining Committee member
Murray Marshall, Bargaining Committee member
Gary Bennett, Staff Representative

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