5 on 2 – 5 on 3 Rotation at Well Being GSV

April 11, 2017

Your bargaining committee met with the Employer on Monday, April 10th and reached agreement on re-implementing the 5 on 2 off, 5 on 3 off rotation.

This agreement will see the rotation re-introduced by the beginning of June 2017. The details of the agreement are shown below:

  1. The Employer will pay all employees entitled to overtime for Family Day 2017 on the May 3rd payroll.
  2. A job fair will be held on May 12th for all regular employees to choose their new line in order of seniority – Full time employees will choose their lines first, the part time employees will choose their lines.
  3. Members will only work one shift – i.e. all days, all evenings or all nights.
  4. The new rotation will be implemented on the first day of the pay period closest to June 1, 2017.

We will be meeting with the Employer again on May 24th and 25th and hope to be in a position to table our monetary package at that time.

If you do not receive this bulletin via email and regular mail, it means that the Union does not have a current email or mailing address for you. To ensure that you receive information in a timely manner please ensure that the Union has your current personal contact information.  You can update your information on-line by going to the BCGEU website at http://www.bcgeu.ca/change-address and entering your current information.

In solidarity

Deb Wilson
Staff Representative, Negotiations

Download PDF of notice here.


Local 467/MoveUP